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Vampire Survivors Mobile ( APK Edition )

When you first play Vampire Survivor, you’d think that a simple childish game wouldn’t be that addictive. However, this simple silly game would prove you wrong and get you hooked for hours, and that’s in a way much better than other fancy graphic-y games.

About Vampire Survivors Android & iOS Version

This weird pixelated shenanigan has blown through the charts in Steam, even though it looks like many other 2D pixel games. The appeal of the game is the simplicity: you have to know how to steer the character while the game handles shooting at the enemies flooding the scene with a collection of weapons that’s increasing constantly. Also, with the playing goes on, it feels that the game has a lot to offer. You can buy the game from this page.

Yes, we admit that the game is not much to look at, just a regular early 90’s lethargic animation though it has some nice nostalgic disintegration animation when a character dies. It has the simplest form possible while staying readable and allows the player to grasp what’s going when the chaos unleashes.

What is more old school is the maps in which the fight rages zombies on. There’s a forest with nothing but some trees you stumble upon once in a while, a library where you’re surrounded by walls from the top and bottom, whereas the last map is just an open grassy field that you walk on forever, literally forever! In each map, you can run for 30 minutes in one direction without hitting a wall, now this would get boring and irritating sometimes when you want to look for that health pack you thought you wouldn’t need.

But what are the enemies like in Vampires Survivor? They’re basic in their behavior, there are the usual bats you see at the beginning, the mummies, the witches, werewolves, and a load of other night creatures you’d encounter later in the game. Their attack is also simple, they would just run towards you until you die. You can tell them apart by the way they look and their speed they move. Rest assured that none of them will shoot at you, which makes sense since they will attack in dozens upon dozens. The game has so called bosses are simply larger version of the creature with more hitpoints with no abilities.

However, there are some other adversaries that occasionally appear in the form of swarms of bats or ghosts moving rapidly. Although they die quickly, but they can push other enemies towards sometimes. You would also face some extra endurable plants that surrounds you with some exploding enemies.

The game is pretty hard when you first start playing. When trying the game, we barely made past the first 10 minutes. It also cost us few attempts to make it to the 30 minutes mark. However, you will enjoy the collection of weapons available: simple knives that shoots in the direction you’re at, the garlic that gives you a damaging halo, and the lightning that hits random enemies around you.

Download Vampire Survivor On Android Phone

The game wouldn’t cost much space on your hard drive, it’s only available on PC though but you can play it on your android device using the emulator pssgames. Download it from the following link.