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first up guys before i get into this a big thank you to liberties and i think wes gates with two people that i missed out the thanks on my birthday stream um so if i missed you out on that i'd had a few so i do apologize but a big thank you i have right now for you guys normally when i review a game   i did with v rising i move on straight away to the next game no matter how much i   a game it takes a special kind of game to kind of halt me in the tracks and make me keep playing it in fact the only one i can think of in the last five or six years was um valheim and i think satisfactory uh two absolutely colossal mammoth games um and v ryzen is up there v rising is up there with them when i finished the review uh the next day instead of moving on to the next game i loaded up the rising i wanted more i wanted to see more i wanted to feel more i just wanted to live more as that vampire in that world and i've never stopped playing it since and i'm absolutely still loving it i'm not even bored at all of the game i want to keep playing but i've got to switch off because i'm doing sniper elite tomorrow i've got a few of the games lined up so i now have to hang up my fangs and leave it for a while while i get on with all the other stuff but it deserves another   because this game is truly phenomenal and i want to talk a little bit more about it in a bit more depth than what i did in the review because in the review you know you've got to try and hit every little base and you can't you having time to sit and dwell on any points and this game is extremely deep there are so many mechanics at work in this they're all pretty simple mechanics and they all make sense and you know one of the things that i think makes this game special is i think the developers you can just tell they're in the know you know how some games you'll play and you can just tell the developers are clueless they don't know what they're doing they're really you can tell they're not gamers as such well these guys have nailed this you'll not find any x-ray vision in this i haven't found any x-ray vision at all everything is kind of blocked by line of sight if you're riding up a road or you're in a field and you're just looking around to see if there's any enemies if there's any rocks trees or anything blocking your view there could be an enemy behind it you'll see what is behind it as far as foliage and paths and stuff   that is concerned so the world is always visible you need that so you can see where the hell you going but the people on the map are not which means that they could easily be enemies there and that i love that mechanic because when you go into towns and villages in strongholds you really don't know exactly how many enemies in there or what kind of enemies they are until you can actually see without blocked line of sight and it makes the game so much more immersive and again i want to mention another thing that i did mention in the in the review this the whole fact that the world feels real i mean obviously in the context of it's a vampire again but everybody's hostile with everybody you have the the sort of human people who are hostile with the undead and then you've got bosses who hate each other bosses will just have a good each other and you can capitalize on that as i showed you in my review i mean that mechanic is massive there's not many games actually do that in most games everybody else is against you but they all love each other and it's kind of me but in this no i mean i believe valheim is the same valheim you have enemies will fight enemies in that and it just makes the world feel alive there's something about having that world that's alive same with the teleportation um you can't teleport with materials you have to   go on the roads unless you use a cave system which is a i guess a form of fast travel but it's only from one fixed point to another fixed point so it's you know it doesn't avoid all the all the trouble the hassle the mobs the violence that you're going to come across the sheer weight of options that you can twiddle and tweak with on this game is phenomenal as well to get that experience.

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just tailored right for what you want again You know, when you buy a game, even if it's a fully polished finished game, you almost never get that you know, when you start playing the game again, you've got to find the one who's got a high blood type, preferably in the 80s or higher, and then you bring them back into your castle, put them in a coffin, convert them to your cause, equip them with the best armor, the best weapons, and then you sit on your throne and you look at the traits that they've got look at where you're sending them look at how many hours you want to plow into it look at their gear score there's a lot goes in that's a game on its own which is really good fun and then you've got the prison system which i didn't have when i did the review i've got a prison system going on i've only got two prisoners but one of them's 100 blood type the other one's an 87 warrior and i've got them on tap you have to feed them but they get so miserable because all you do is draining their blood and then drinking it in a veil and they get miserable they don't   that so you've got to feed them some kinds of fish that they   and it brings their misery down you get their health back up and then you drain their blood again which again sends the misery up and the health down so you have to balance that but essentially if you balance it correctly you have an unlimited supply of brilliant blood on your hands and i've got a cupboard full of their blood and their blood is 100 pure so when i'm out on a boss fight i drink some of that blood and i get all the buffs related to that type of car i mean that's just for a rogue that i've got there's all kinds of classes of people that you can capture and bring back which give you a whole different set of buffs for when you go out there it's fantastic guys then there's the horses the horses are great so much faster than the wolf and when you're all in a group riding around on horseback it just looks so great as you're riding in the villages and you start terrorizing everybody the people are screaming oh the vampire the vampire you run into the houses eat the face read their cupboards take all that kill their pigs go into the fields and just cut down all the crops because you need it you   your cotton is up there but they've got garlic hanging up which affected but if you've got anti-garlic resistance on your cloak it's not too bad even picking up gold sorry silver coins starts harming you but hey if you get enough silver coins there's a trader going around and you can turn into human form after you kill a certain boss and you can go up to the trader and trade with them guys there are so many deep mechanics in this game and i haven't even covered uncovered all of the map yet i've still probably got another half of the map yet to uncover and i'm having such a blast and i would equally   this solo as well in fact you know call me crazy mikey crazy but when i'm finished this co-op pve session i want to do pvp but i want to do it solo i could happily start again the whole game again and do all of it again on me on my own in solo it's such an immersive fun game to play then there's the powers guys you've got all these different types of powers and each type of power will have seven or eight different powers in there you can only wield a few at a time i think it's three there's one   for travel power and then we're talking about magic here and two that you can actually wield in combat so you have to kind of think about the situation you're going into the specific boss what he's going to be doing or she's going to be doing here and you pick the best magic do you need to freeze them so i'm going to go into frost here and you can just mix and match these powers and just swap them out in a few seconds in the middle of a fight if you want it's just so good and you know when you're fighting it's they've nailed the fight so well when you're doing a boss fight if this let's say this four weeks doing a boss fight and somebody's getting absolutely pummeled in that fight and they need to retreat they can retreat they can piss off they can just run run out and get totally out of aggro range and they can start healing up because if you heal up within aggro range of a boss you can only heal i think 30 percent of your health or something   that but if you get far enough away you can 100 heal yourself but of course that drains your blood as well so you can you can't do that more than i think probably twice and then they can run back into the fight you can actually do a tag team thing you can have two people hanging out and two people in fighting the boss and then when they've took a right battle and you send them the other two and the original two they pull out they try and get healed up and then they go back on and keep swapping   that it's just so good it's because some of the boss fights are really tough we've had a lot of wipes playing this it's it's not easy it's quite a brutal game but the way you can do it is real and a lot of games won't allow you to do that oh no that's cheating no it's not because you could do that in real life you know it's not well you couldn't heal up instantly i suppose if you're if i'm very good there's so much more i could say about this game i mean i'll say something it runs   shite so there's that but uh there's so much more i could say on the positive side of this game just how you can make your castle look amazing I purposefully left out the DLC and visuals in my review as a form of protest. You know, a couple of people in the chat say, "Oh this is Max selling out because he got a key." I mean, my goodness, I've had keys, contact armor contact, I got sent a huge case with professional walkie talkies and lots of merch. I've had lots of stuff sent to me for games and I still thumb them down. nine out of ten, yes it was wonderful, no it wasn't. It's a six or a six and a half at best, and then you get this. You'll get a game this which is by no means perfect. But the essence of this game is brilliant. It hits the immersion. It hits the combat. There's no rng. It's all skill-based combat. It's got a great open world. It's got fantastic buildings that look great, and I'm sure we'll get a lot more options on that in the future. It's got deep mechanics outside of the basic game loop.