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trader life

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About trader life Game:

Designed and published by Mohammed Qasrawi, and released on the 22nd February 2021 there is a lot this game needs to work on in terms of a proper tutorial, and almost nothing to guide you in this “ascend-to-the-top-like” trading game. However, let’s get into the finer details. You wake up, exit the house, find your car, and drive around until you enter a store. A simple popup lets you know that you own the store. What an introduction to a game that has no basic tutorial. Things just pop up on the screen every time you enter a specific area, and you get shown a map with icons and titles but no explanation as to what any of these locations might be other than the hint you get from the icon itself. I spent about 10 minutes trying to discover how to restock my store, driving around in a car that sadly wouldn’t allow me to run over pedestrians, and stumbled across Jabar, the man who was destined to help me restock my store. Money isn’t balanced at all, as you start with $100, earning about $200 more with what stock you have, and are then expected to restock or buy furniture, and unless you invest correctly at the beginning of the game, you’re better off just restarting.