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New Update v 1.2

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Provider: KRAFTON, Inc

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About Timberborn Game:

Humans are long gone. Will your lumberpunk beavers do any better? A city-building game featuring ingenious animals, vertical architecture, river control, and deadly droughts. Contains high amounts of wood.
We’ve been inviting players to playtest Timberborn since the very first months of its development in 2018. Beaver city-builders aren’t exactly an established genre, and your voice helps us decide what works and what doesn’t. Thanks to that feedback, the core of the game is here, it’s fun to play, and we want to make it available for everyone.
We will now be adding more content ahead of the full release, and Early Access players will help us choose where to go next. During that time, Timberborn will still have that work-in-progress smell of fresh lumber.