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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Mobile:

Yet another physics based game in which you lead a bunch of red or blue weird wobblers from many faction in a fun and exciting battle. This is Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS as fans call it. Some would find the wobbling annoying and hard to get used to, but yet again this is part of the fun.

With different factions to choose from, TABS promises you much action and excitement. From ancient lands, spooky places, or fantasy worlds, choose your favorite unit and battle in the weirdest silliest way possible in many campaign or sandbox worlds.

When starting the game, you will be flooded with many different units each with their own abilities and tools, but of course they’re colored red or blue to match their teams.

What to expect from the units? Each one has its unique AI that determines the behavior and how they attack. For example, units with the melee will only attack when there’s someone in range so they need to approach their target, range units with range movement type will also approach but will not back up when the target is too close.

Also, some units have their own special abilities like dodging or parrying. These abilities should be considered when deploying and choosing units as they have a big impact on the game.

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Units have different shapes and sizes, and this is not just aesthetics. Height, for example, affects many things like weight, speed, and most importantly: hit points. On the other hand, weight affects how units are affected by attacks by others. Weight is assigned to units depending on their roles and importance.

There’s a large amount of units that belong to different factions, which in turn represent many time periods and fantasies. There are the tribal, farmer, medieval, ancient, Viking, dynasty, renaissance, pirate and even more. Each of these factions has its own seven units including melee, heavy, ranged and boss units. Some also have support or artillery units.

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In TABS, weapons are everything. It’s what makes every unit unique and results in a combination of warfare and tactics that players can bend to their own desires and way of playing.

OF course, each weapon has its own range that units have to get inside in order for them to attack. Also, there are some weapons that merely heal of buff up teammates.

It’s important to notice that weapons have a so called warm up period when the game starts. Therefore, most weapons have to wait at least a second before being usable. Widely speaking, weapons in the game are split into two categories: melee and ranged. However, there are also explosives that can be paired with weapons to add some extra damage. They make the most damage in the center and get weaker further away.

AS mentioned before, units have powers that are not related to weapons. Some of them are passive, whereas others need some cool down period after being used. Most have catchy names, like fire wave, dragon kick, knight charge and many more.