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Provider: Maxis

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About the game:

Spore Mobile edition is one of the best open world online video games, that give players the possibility to make customized creatures( pets, animals, monsters), vehicles, and buildings..
About the game:
Initial release date: September 4, 2008
Developer: Maxis
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, Macintosh operating systems,macOS.
Genres covered by the game: Adventure game, God game, Action game, Role-playing Video Game, Real-time strategy, Casual
game, Adventure, Simulation, Massively-singleplayer.
APK size : 866 MB.
Mode: Single-player

How to play Spore:

The game is made up of five stages, with each stage offering a different type of experience and different objectives to achieve. These five stages are:

First, The cell stage:
The cell stage also called the cellular stage, is the first stage of the game, A single-celled organism appears, you will direct this simple organism in a 3D environment on a single 2D level, you can choose whether the creature is herbivores or carnivores before starting the stage.
Once the creature's brain is growing and you want to advance to the next stage, the creature editor appears, you'll add legs before moving to the ground. The creature editor differs in that it gives the player the ability to make significant changes to the shape and length of the creature's body, placing the parts in 3D space and not a top-down view as in the cell editor.

Second, in the Creature stage:
you will create your own land creature intended to live on one continent. Do not try to swim to another island, because an unknown monster may eat you, and also warn you not to return again. At this point, the creature's hunger level and health level are calculated. Of course, if the hunger meter is executed, health will run out and your creature will die unless you feed him.

What is tribe stage ?
When the brain of your species is sufficiently developed, the species enters the next stage. you will be in charge of the entire tribe group and not just an individual creature, you will be given a hut, this hut will be made up of 12 fully developed creatures.

Now ivilization stage:
Your goal in the civilization stage will be to take over the entire planet, and you have the right to choose how you will occupy it, you can occupy it using military force, diplomacy or religious influence.

last stage : the space
At this point, new and diverse objectives and paths will appear and your species will begin to spread across the galaxy. You can control one spaceship, which you built at the beginning of the space stage. You can also travel by clicking other planets, moons and stars, but know that each jump costs energy.
The player has the option to advance to the next stage, or continue playing the current stage when he completes the main objective.

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