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sifu apk

Sifu Mobile

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About Sifu Mobile Review:

Are you a fan of punching, pushing, and other fun stuff like that? Then you’re going to have a blast in Sifu. Everything about this game is something else on every aspect: the graphics, the music, the animation, and much more. In addition, what’s really special about the story that’s elegant yet simple, with a special unprecedented sense of accomplishment and mastery.

So just like many other beat’em up games, Sifu begins with a murder. The martial arts who is also your father have been killed before you very eyes. This event would serve as an excellent introduction to the game let alone being a tutorial and a tease to what’s coming next since you have a whole collection of unlockable moves. Eight years after the murder, you begin your journey to seek revenge from the five people who were involved.

There’s nothing special or new the premise, but this time it is executed beautifully. The game starts with almost no information about who you are after. However, with the game progressing, you start to put together some clues with every level you go through. You will find some unique motivation to go after every one of them. And that goes for two reasons: the lore and additional context about you quest for revenge, in addition to the doors that can be unlocked in previous levels. Also, the new information will be added to a neat detective board that shows how everything is linked.

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But enough about the thinky tactics, the part that will impress you is the martial arts combat. We guarantee that’s one of the best out there. Yes, the camera gets fickle in a way it makes it hard to see what’s coming, but other than that, we didn’t have too much to criticize in the game.

Again, the animation is impeccable, it’s the first thing that you’ll catch your eye. It’s so smooth that every hit, swing, and kick will land with an exceptional impact. Also, if you happen to be playing on PS5, the DualSense controller vibrations would make the whole thing more lively. The strikes and hits will feel natural all the time no matter what the angle is.

When you’re playing the game, you will have two buttons for a variety of attacks, another button for block, parries, and sways, a button for vaulting over objects, button for picking up weapons, another for throwing them. There’s also a button for special moves and attacks each with its effects. All of this is linked to a focus button.

On top of all this, it’s the defensive choices that make the game stand out the most. In other words, there’s this structure meter that controls both you and your enemies. Therefore, if you block so many hits, the meter will crush and you’ll have some troubles. All and all, you will the best time playing the game.