scorn mobile android apk ios
scorn mobile android apk ios

scorn Mobile

New Update v 2.3

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Provider: KRAFTON, Inc

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About scorn Game:

The story takes place between two silent protagonists: the first awakens and attempts to cross a wasteland heading towards a tower seen in the distance before falling down a massive crevasse, before the second emerges from an egg-like structure. The player escapes a massive egg chamber before entering a transportation hub that has been infested with parasitic entities. These entities have networked together to prevent the majority of mechanisms from functioning. During this time the protagonist is attacked and seemingly infested by a parasite, which both allows the player to use several machines and weapons, but regularly wounds the player and apparently grows tendril-like roots that gradually cover the player's body. The player reaches a central elevator that has been enveloped by a massive creature with a vaguely humanoid head. Reactivating the elevator kills the creatures but allows the protagonist access to a skyway that allows the player to reach an apparent temple previously seen in the distance.