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project zomboid mobile android download

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About Project Zomboid Game

Few games can mix simulation, horror, and adventure in one title. However, even fewer can do it successfully like Project Zomboid. A game in which you will face hoards after hoards of zombies. In the world of the undead, you will have nothing but your planning and building skills to survive. Build a safe haven and fortify against the zombies. The game is currently not available on smartphones yet, but it’s on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

So the zombie outbreak has happened and in order to survive, you will have to wander the streets to gather whatever there is left. Also, of course, you will need to face the zombies and choose whether you fight or flee the scene. Have you chosen to fight? Well, most of the time you have nothing but a fire axe or a small butter knife. Therefore, sometimes it is best to run away.

After a long day of surviving, you need to take care of your character. In other words, you need to feed it, refill the water bottles from a nearby faucet, and repair the house you fortify in using wood planks and sheets. You should entertain your character by reading books and magazines. Also, you can build a house from scratch if you’re into this sort of things. The game offers tools to do that such as hammers, saws, and nails. What is really special about Project Zomboid is that when you die the game auto saves, which means that you can’t reload an old save.
This makes the game more challenging and fun. Project Zomboid offers many playing modes and styles. These modes will put you in different scenarios. First, there’s the apocalypse, and as the name implies it’s the most difficult. The character’s lifespan is short, rations and resources are scarce. Moreover, zombies are vicious which means that most of the time you have to avoid them all the time. All of this means that only the best players can beat this mode.

Project Zomboid Android & Survival Mode

In addition, there’s the survival mode. This is a mode that offers a longer lifespan with more weapons and rations. Also, every hit from a weapon can affect multiple zombies at once. Zombies are also weaker in this mode.Are you more of a builder than a fighter? No problem, you can unleash your creative abilities in the building mode. It’s a mode that focuses on building, farming, and gathering rather than zombie fighting. Therefore, there is much less zombies roaming the streets, they’re also weaker. However, your character’s stats need extra attention, so you need to maintain them constantly. Also, resources are scarce.

Now let’s take it up a notch. Imagine that you had a nasty fall, drunk with a very bad case of the common cold, and to top it all off, your house is on fire! This is the sickness mode in Project Zomboid. Not challenging enough? OK, how about a giant storm? All of a sudden, clouds gather in the sky. Thunder and lightning are making the zombies restless and more aggressive. Moreover, you shouldn’t expect the storm to go away. It gets easier and harder but it goes on all the time. The storm mode promises you a lot of fun. A zombie apocalypse would be a difficult thing to handle. Therefore, there’s a good chance you would be all alone in the face of the apocalypse. This is what the last stand mode is all about. You are in a cabin in the woods. You can hear the undead approaching, and in no time they will surround the cabin. What do you have? Just a shotgun with limited ammo. The point of this mode is to stay alive as long as possible. There’s also a sub-mode of this where you get money to buy more ammo for every zombie you kill.

Project Zomboid Mobile Mods Are Amazing

If you feel that these modes can get somewhat boring after a while, then maybe you should try some change of scenery. There’s a perfect mode for that, which is the Kingsmoth Island. It takes the whole game to a tropical island that is overrun by zombies. There’s also a Hollywood studio mode in which you find yourself in a movie studio when the outbreak hits. There’s also a mode that adds some more horror to the mix, which is the fog mode. Out of nowhere, the fog encapsulates everything. Your friends and neighbors have died and now they are roaming the streets, so you have to fight an enemy that you can’t see. All of the above happens in a suitable climate for survival, but what if it is winter and everything is scarce? This is the winter mode, in which in addition to fighting the zombie you have to stay warm. Last but not least, we have the “one day left” mode. Here, you have only one day to prepare for the zombie attack. They are coming for you, so you need to remember your cabin in the wood and get there as soon as possible.

Can We Play Project Zomboid On Android & iOS ?

The game is available on windows, linux, and mac. And Mobile!! Yes You can download it from here: Project zomboid mobile edition.
Project zomboid is one of the best surviving game you should try your best and use your mind to survive nights and days facing hundred of hungry zombies, you have many choices and tool to use you just need to think smart and follow your giddiness, project zomboid game can not be on android yet because their is not official version for the game, but don't worry we have the best solution for you with pssgames emulator you can enjoy the game on your android or ios phone using this new great framework, this will give you great game experience.
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