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Pro soccer online Mobile Edition

We have finally found the game to replace FIFA, ladies and gentlemen. I know it's good because I'm using an Xbox controller and it still lets me control the mouse. I'm not sure if it works well. Let's make my hair. Um, we'll go with this one hair color. I don't know if this is working or not. Facial hair I have none of these, so I have to go with the big gurney jaw clothing. Um, what's the difference? Sure. I am okay. I can't give myself that. I don't know what I can These bad boys' accessories are insane. Why am I called Michael Jackson? Oh my God, I can put together a team; if you want me to do a second part of this, I will play and create the sidemen. Are these servers that one works on? Start 6v6 searching for a match. Let's go. I'm joining. I have no idea what the controls are. Oh, but how do I change the camera angle? Yo, look at me. I'm Leo Messi. Oh my god, bro, I might be the best player in this game, and I'm the only player in this game, so we're out. Can I play on any other servers? [Music] pass pass Oh, please, pass. Oh, how do you tackle it all right? I'm going to look this up. I'm going to look this up. Come on, damn it. Out here. Why are they all so good when I haven't even touched the ball? I couldn't shoot. Hey, that was a great challenge here. Shoot, shoot, I got a yellow card, but I might have to play some 3v3 so I see the ball more. What exactly am I seeing here, bro? Heh, rev, I'd like my free kick. Give me the ball, huh? Oh, I had a shot, yeah, oh my god, let's go, I have an assist, yeah bro. I need to play some 3v3; I need the ball. I'm not fulfilling my ball touch quantity. I don't know what that means.

Pro soccer online Android

I have no idea how to play this game. My team's lowest score is 130. I did better than their center back. I got an assist. I have no idea what that means. I want to play a 3v3 game. Let's go kick off. Go on, look at that. They're playing some seven aside. My team is amazing. I don't have any stamina. What wait, what wait, what wait? I'm sorry mate, I'm so bad. Oh, I'm so sorry that's your keeper. you're a joke, my teammate. shatteredMy team makes a joke Let me have this. Please let me have this now. Let me have it. Let me have it. Let me have it. Oh, I almost scored. Go on, Mal. Oh, he's almost a pisces. I'm so sorry. I am so bad, it's all you. Oh, you jerk. What exactly is it? He's done it. He's gone around the defender and scored. He's winning. He's winning the game. I'm getting better. I'm getting better rightThe dribbling, the dribbling, look at that tackle, look at that tackle, what's he doing bro? Oh my God, Ankara messi, I have mercy on you. Yeah, Mal is you. This is just you. This is all you. Phew, bro, I'm playing roulette in the sky. What the hell, I'm going to miss you there. Look at that finished ball to mao to mao. I've scored. I scored right. So, what makes Mal so great? I mean, we won and look at 460, I did better than most of their players. Wow. All right, Mal left. I left. Please tell me Mal's in here. Please tell me I can be on Mal's team. Let's go then. What is this other team up to? What's up, Avoo? [Applause] I miss Mao. I knew he was going to do that great set. Hey, that's a poacher. That's a mad poacher.

Pro soccer online iOS

You know, I'm ashamed of you. Come on, we're two down. Oh my god, this keeper matters. Scuba's on a wild ride, and our own keeper is to blame. Shoot it, bearer. [Applause] No, it's all because they put a controller on their keyboard. I don't know six passes. What does this one go for? We've gotten better. I've just realized our team name. Well, as I said, if you guys want me to try this at some point, uh, let me know. I can make a team. I can try a quick play. I can try and get some people online. I don't know. Let me know what you want to see. Thank you, guys, for leaving if you enjoyed it.