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About Portal Revolution:

Portal: Revolution, a fan-made mod for Portal 2, immerses players in an enthralling prequel set in the decaying Aperture facility. Featuring over 40 meticulously crafted puzzles, the campaign introduces new test elements and revamps existing mechanics in ways unseen in Portal 2. The resurrected "Pneumatic Diversity Vent" element, a new laser cube variant, and challenges involving the blue Portal-Gun add layers of complexity to the gameplay. Despite its elevated difficulty that picks up where Portal 2 ends, the mod ensures accessibility through teaching advanced portal tricks. With a playtime of 5 to 7 hours, players embark on a captivating journey intertwined with a brand new storyline and characters.

Portal Revolution can be played on Android and iOS!

Experience the excitement of Portal: Revolution on your mobile device by downloading the APK for Android or iOS. Immerse yourself in this fan-made mod that enriches the Portal universe with its unique puzzles and engaging narrative. Install the game using the official emulator and delve into over eight hours of additional gameplay, unveiling 40 new test chambers. Challenge your problem-solving skills, relish the innovative mechanics, and enjoy a captivating story that bridges the gap between Portal and Portal 2. Join the Portal: Revolution community and witness the evolution of fan-driven content in the iconic first-person puzzle game.