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PC Building Simulator : A very helpful game in understanding the ins and outs of your PC.

About the game:

PC Building Simulator is a 2019 simple video game with fine details that teach you how to build, repair and customize a computer and find out the function of each part in the device and how it works, it's a great and wonderful game for all PC enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Important tips for Playing PC Building Simulator as professional:

▪︎ Collect your deliveries for safekeeping in the mail:
When you start accepting jobs, you will need to order parts from the online game store - BITS & PCs. But the parts have delivery charges and need to keep the work in poor condition, so read all the jobs you accepted first, and order all the parts you need at once. This way you will save Uncle Tim valuable money, on whose behalf you run the computer repair business.

▪︎ Turn on the device with the case open:
Once you have upgraded the RAM or installed a new hard drive for a client, you will need to verify that the device boots well. Once you have installed the new part, so that you do not waste time opening the system again in case you forgot to do anything, turn on the computer with the case still open.

▪︎ Sell all the used and broken parts to keep your stock free from chaos:
While repairing and promoting computers, the old or broken parts will be added to your stock. You can get rid of chaos and earn a little additional money by selling these ingredients on PCBAY. If you want to increase your profits to the maximum, you can buy, repair and sell broken PCBATs, using the parts used along the way.

▪︎ Save the Uncle Tim’s Electric Bill:
The workshop gets an electricity bill just once a month which you’ll need to cover out of your earnings so remember to turn off all the lights, and any computers before you leave for the day, this will reduce your monthly electric bill and also lead to more sweet and easy profit.

How To download PC Building Simulator for Android and IOS?

PC Building Simulator is an educational and entertaining game that enables you to build your computer using your favorite parts of your taste and express your building by selecting your favorite LED and fun attractive cabling colors. The game also provides you with step-by-step instructions so that everyone even the most novice PC users can build a computer as he likes.
Hope you have fun with this game