Party Animals mobile android apk ios
Party Animals mobile android apk ios

Party Animals Mobile

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About Party Animals Game:

Fight your friends as puppies, kittens and other fuzzy creatures in PARTY ANIMALS! Paw it out with your friends both online and offline. Interact with the world under our realistic physics engine. Did I mention PUPPIES?
Party Animals is a physics-based competitive brawler game where players play as various animals including puppies, kittens, ducks, bunnies, sharks, dinosaurs and even unicorns. Animals can punch, toss, jump, kick, and headbutt each other. They are also able to pick up an assortment of weapons. Upon taking a certain number of damage, players are temporarily knocked out. In most cases, they recover and return to the fight, unless they are tossed off the map or into various hazards. Currently, the game encompasses two game modes, Last Stand, a free-for-all skirmish and Snatch Squad, an objective-based capture the flag style game mode. In Last Stand, the player battles up to 7 other animals with the objective of being the last animal standing. In Snatch Squad, players are divided into two teams of up to four players each and fight over gummies in the center of the arena that can be dropped into their team's pit for points. According to the game's official website, there are currently four maps and eleven playable characters

The highly anticipated upcoming mobile version of "Party Animals" promises to bring the game's riotous fun and adorable animal antics to a new platform. This transition to mobile opens up exciting possibilities for fans of the game to enjoy the chaos and camaraderie on the go. However, to fully experience the game's multiplayer mayhem on your mobile device, it's recommended to use our cloud emulator. This emulator ensures a seamless and immersive gaming experience, allowing players to join their friends or fellow party animals in various mini-games, battles, and ragdoll hilarity, all from the convenience of their mobile phones. Get ready for laughter-filled adventures with the upcoming "Party Animals" mobile edition, and don't forget to make use of our cloud emulator for a smooth and wild gaming experience anytime, anywhere.

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