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About Papers, Please Mobile Version

In Papers, Please you will protect the glorious Arstotzka (at least that’s what the propaganda trying to enforce) from the endless hoards of suicide bombers, smugglers, and freeloaders who want to take advantage of the bountiful Arstotzka. You’re not a villain, you’re just someone who’s doing their job. During this process, you can’t tell if the game wants to look for something or discover this element that’s shutting the whole down.

Ever thought of being an immigration official? Well, our game today is a fun simulation that would give you some practice. Papers, Please puts in the seat of an immigration officer who is manning the flimsy and chaotic borders between the two countries Kolechia and Arstotzka.

When playing the game, you’ll soon find out that it’s not just about a mismatched date or missing access pass. These in themselves are sun detective work. However, there’s some strategy behind handling the documents being given to you by each person coming to your booth. Some of the travellers hope for a new life, work, or just simply returning home. You need to decide which papers should be shuffled or double checked to make sure that –for example- the name on someone’s work visa matches the name on the passport. Sure, the limited office and color palette makes it confusing to decide, but that wouldn’t make the game any less fun. The satisfying sound of DENIED or APPROVED stamp makes it all worth it.

Download papers, please on iOS and Android

The game is available on android, Mac, Linux, PC, And iOS. You get it from this link. Don't worry it's work fine without any problem even if your phone has very low RAM or graphic card the APK file does not require anything special.

With the playing continuing, details and documents would pile up, which makes it even more complicated to spot the suspicious details. It’s not just spot the difference or check list game. There’s a skill to pick up to discover things like town names and standard traps. You have to decide if you’ll use the denied or approved stamps depending on things like the wrong name, the wrong stamp, or simply discovering a bomb! Soon the approved stamp will feel like a defeat somehow.

Also, the story mode gives more than just random paperwork. Moral decisions need to be taken. For example, you need to decide the fate of a couple when the husband’s papers are approved but the wife are not, you will also need to decide if you’ll turn away a pimp before he gets to a girl she claims he tricked her on the borders. You might think that the decision is obvious, but keep in mind that there would be some penalties that causes a reduction in heat, food, and medicine for your family waiting for you back home.

Later, the game gets more difficult as local and foreign threats unravel, such as bribery, corruption, and the chance to use or abuse the stamps in your hand for some good causes. The plot, though not deep, spices up the game and makes it less boring. There’s alternative endings as well.Also, after the game ends there’s an endless version to play.