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About Oxygen not Included, the new release !

After the beta version, Oxygen not Included has been released with a well-earned confidence. The game promises you hours of fun. When playing the game, you will realize how hard the work that has been poured into it. It’s a colony building game with a lot of potential.

Oxygen not included mobile review

The game starts with a humble beginning on a distant alien asteroid. It gives you a crew of cartoonish workers called the duplicates who look like caricature drawings. Also, you have a ration box and a cloning device to get more work-loving duplicates.

So what to do next? Well, you need to start digging up. The duplicates will first dig dirt, sandstone, or other materials to make rooms such as an outhouse and an oxygen source or a generator. With the continuing digging, the asteroid will turn into a 2D ant farm in which the duplicates running everywhere.

As the colony grows on, the simple outhouse and food making rooms will turn into more complex structures, such as power rooms, hospitals, functioning bathrooms, a greenhouse, and even a place for your duplicates to rest and unwind.

Moreover, with a plethora of arranged menus you can plan your colony with ease. Also, the research panel gives you a detailed look at what each technology does. You can see every building and tool in action when you build it.

If you want your colony to function well, you need to carefully plan the network of pipes, vents, and power cords. This complicated network will change with every decision you make and every building you add to the colony.

So what is the point of all this? You’re supposed to launch a rocket into space, or survive for 200 time cycles whichever comes first. However, the game doesn’t force these objectives on you. Therefore, you can set any goal you want.

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Don’t let Oxygen not Included fool you with its childish look into thinking that it’s a casual, simple game. On the contrary, it requires a lot of deep planning and micromanagement. You need to think about such a small thing like the weight of hydrogen, temperature, and gas balance. You also need to figure out which gas is suitable to each room. You need oxygen as well, so you need an electrolyzer to produce it from water. The whole thing feels like a fun science class. This attention to details is one of the most appealing features in oxygen not included.

Of course, your duplicates are not robots, they have needs. Therefore, and in addition to food and water, you need take care of their morale. For example, duplicates don’t like seeing a fellow duplicate getting drowned with sanitation water. Also, each one of them has different personality, so some of them for instance don’t like digging. Others will simply fall asleep right in middle of the work shifts. Diseases are also everywhere in the asteroid. When a duplicate is near a heat source (like a hot water vat or a geyser) it will get a heat stroke. Sunburns are also prominent, so you need to protect your duplicates form the sun and any bright lights. There’s also radiation sickness and hypothermia.

While working, your workers will breathe in all kinds of gases, with whatever these have in them. Some of the duplicates are allergic to flowers. Others will breathe in bacteria and germs, which will cause a group of diseases that will make them less efficient. For example, you need to keep all the rooms clean as dirty rooms will cause food poisoning.

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To make a thriving colony you have a combination of building and tools. One of the first buildings you will come across is the algae terrarium, a building that produces oxygen when supplied with water. There are also all kinds of generators like the manual one. This requires a duplicate to run on it to produce electricity, whereas the rocket itself has many different parts to choose from. You can add a carbon engine, sugar engine, or a steam one.

Also, one of the most important things in the game is the biomes. Different parts of the asteroid imposes different states and – more importantly – different dangers. Therefore, duplicates should wear suits when going to certain parts of the colony. Such biomes can vary from the temperate one in which the game starts, to the jungle and forest biomes, and the swamp biome which is filled with disease.

If you ever feel bored, you should also check out the DLC: Spaced Out. It is a new release of the game that is filled with content. This time, there’s no asteroid. Rather, there’s a whole planetary system of asteroids. You will build multiple colonies and transport resources between them. To sum up, Oxygen not Included is a game of focus and great challenge that will satisfy your strategic appetite.

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You can get the game on your mobile phone by using the pssgames emulator. This Framework allow you to install Oxygen not included on any mobile device and run it with 60 FPS with no lag or Drop and the graphics will remain the same as the PC version, The game is available on the following link, enjoy this new features of Oxygen not included mobile edition !