Naruto Storm 6 Mugen
Naruto Storm 6 Mugen

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Naruto Storm Android Version Review:

CyberConnect2 will sure impress with the game Naruto Storm. That’s right, our beloved blonde anime character is in a new fun and exciting game. Just in game you don’t know who Naruto is, he’s an anime ninja that possesses a soul of a nine tailed great fox.

So the game is a casual fighting one. It’s linked to the first plot course of the anime series and it allows players to have Naruto style battles, in addition to some cool mini-games and roaming the streets of the village of Hidden Leaf. The first thing that will definitely catch your eye is the game’s visuals. There’s a pleasurable contrast between the simplicity of the environments and the incredibly detailed animations of the characters, in addition to camera angles and fluidity in which the characters move. The whole game is tailored in such passion that is hard to resist.

Generally speaking, Naruto Storm is divided into two modes: The Ultimate Mission and Free Battle Modes. You’ll spend most of your game time in the Ultimate Mission mode unless you are playing with a friend. What’s really great about Naruto Storm is the rightful assumption developers has made which basically says that fighting games need more than just.. you know… fighting. In order to keep players interested, you need some added content in addition to the casual engine. Therefore, Naruto Storm is not a highly technical fighter game.

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This added content is presented as a nice collection of missions in a large world which is the Hidden Leaf Village, where you can jump as Naruto, buy stuff and leap through villages. You can also collect some unlockable items and unravel new missions by talking to some characters. Those missions include regular fights, mini-games, and even some massive boss or giant battles.

The mini-games, in the other hand, will get you through a lot of tree jumping and branch dodging, so there isn’t much variety there. There’s a 100 missions to go through, though. Hours of fun are ahead of you. There’re also some bonus conditions that provide multiple play- throughs.

Anyway, what makes the game “casual”? Well, the primary mechanic here is the one-on-one fighting, with some support characters that pops up once in a while to shake things up. However, you won’t get the feel of –say- street fighters franchise. In other words, any epic fighting move can be done by pounding that circle button, a simplicity that some would find it boring and unchallenging. Nevertheless, there’s some strategy behind the game, so you will need some skill to get through more tricky battles. This is especially true when you need to manage your Chakra, blocking and deflecting attacks, and using the proper timing for special moves like Jutsu and Ultimate Jutsu. Although some hardcore fighters would lose interest, it’s safe to say that the game will keep most players entertained for a good deal of time.