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Multiversus Mobile Is it worth playing?

Pssgames game review :

so I've been playing multiversus mobile edition for the past few days and is it any good? i know a lot of people are very curious about the game and not much has really been revealed about the game, but after having great exposure to multiversus.

I would like to share with you my honest feelings about the game. Most importantly i really want to give a big thank you to web games, and the Pssgames team for allowing me to play the closed alpha version of the game early. And if it wasn't for them i wouldn't be able to give you this honest review.

So what is this game, all about Multiversus?

is a free-to-play fighting game that features a variety of characters under the warner. Brothers name these characters would include batman, superman, bugs, bunny, jake, the dog Finn the human Steven, universe shaggy, and so much more in this game... you have three main game modes or ways to play the game. If you want a grounded and more tense experience, 1v1 is the game mode for you.

If you want to play against the world then dive into free-for-all for a pve experience or grab a friend and take on the world with 2v2 2v2 is the main shtick of this gam,e and it's probably my favorite game mode. As i love playing in teams and with friends and taking people online. And yes this game does have online rollback. netcode this game also supports cross play and cross progression. so you can play with anyone and continue your progression in the game, with the ps5 ps4 Xbox one Xbox series x and s and pc, android, iOS.

What do i think about Multiversus generally?

i believe the game is incredibly fun to play i was able to easily get the hang of the mechanics of the game. as they are very simple to get around and the gameplay flow feels very fast paced but nothing too crazy to. A point where i feel lost within the match i was able to get a grasp of what was going on what i was doing. And where i was in the match i've seen a lot of online discourse about how the game, looks sort of out of control and you have no idea what's going on. and i think that's understandable. the first time the developers showcased gameplay for multiversus, was in a relatively competitive setting. and when that's the first exposure it can be pretty difficult to tell what is really happening it.

Also probably didn't help that in the video they weren't really explaining what the characters were doing, or how the mechanics work they talked about it briefly but not for the majority of the videos.
So i believe it would have been better to maybe have an eight minute breakdown video of how to play the game, what's going on and just have something in an organized manner.

But like i said once you are playing the game and watching how the match is playing out while you're playing it you never feel lost as to what is going on it definitely looks crazy. and is very fast paced ,but you will always know what you are doing.

And that is one of the things that i really like about this game, is : the visuals i really like the wacky stuff, that is going on in the screen during the actual fighting. And i really like the way all the 2d characters like Steven universe, and Finn from adventure time, Translate into a 3d setting all the characters look like their classic selves and have a very simple cartoony, look and i like that since it makes everyone look great.
And no one really feels over designed and nothing really makes you question what they are wearing.

Play Multiversus On Android & iOS

The game has not been realised for other platforms yet, but multiversus Android version game gives you so much customization for your gameplay experience. You can have customizable ring out animations against your opponents. You can change announcer voices to pretty much all the characters that can properly talk in the game.
There's Emos that you can use in the game and of course there's different costumes for your characters.

There wasn't a lot available from the build that i got to play but i'm pretty sure when the full game launches we're gonna see a lot more character costumes for all the characters the customization also applies to the interface as well.

I really like how you were able to customize the scoreboard damage cooldown. Player name, position, and change the colors for your team and the enemy team. And so much more it's just a great way to make the player feel like the game was made for them.

I know a lot of fighting game fans really value the practice mode and so far i am pretty happy with what it has to offer multiversus isn't a really complex game.
So it doesn't have frame data within each character's move set i don't know how important that would be for a game like this.
But other than that it gives you pretty much all the baseline content that a practice mode would have.

Download Multiversus Mobile for Android and iOS

This Version has practice mode would have features like :

You can download and install the multiversus APK game on your phone using the file developed with Pssgames framework, it's support boths platforms Android and iOS.
I was also able to play plenty of online matches and again this is a fighting game. The online good online mind you is probably among the top three most important requirements for a lot of fighting game fans.

Or just when it comes to fighting games in general the game is running on a rollback netcode. And I'm happy to say that the online feels fan freaking tactic, it legitimately feels like you're playing offline with how great the connection quality was now mind you. I was playing on IOS and most people playing on PCare on wired connection.

But that just tells you how great the pc experience, is and I'm pretty sure console players are going to feel the same way the element. That i love most about this game is the amount of life and expression every single character has there is so much creativity in how each character plays so many references to their respective franchises and universe and you just can't help to think that the developers put a lot of thought and effort into bringing these characters to life in a fighting game.

Hope you enjoyed the reading.