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Feeling nostalgic for the arcade experience? Jump Force MUGEN has got your back! This three dimensional fighting game will let you enjoy your favorite anime characters like Naruto and One Piece in a fighting shenanigan. Jump Force Mugen is a crossover based on Mugen game with Jump Force elements, you will enjoy the fighting between various anime characters.

About Jump Force Mugen Mobile

In this version, developers have added new menus to the battle selection one in addition to a new start menu and another one for character selection. The diversity here is exceptional, almost every anime character you could think of is there to play and fight with. This is where you will find out which is stronger: Naruto or Vegeta?
Moreover, you will be amazed with the level of details and the graphics these 2D characters have. It’s the graphics that distinguished the MUGEN franchise, and now it’s redesigned with new features.
The fun doesn’t just stop there, guess what? Jump Force MUGEN is ONLINE!! Yes, you can download it with your friends and let the battle begin. Of course, the game is totally free with no hidden purchases of what so ever.

Play Jump Force Mugen On Android

As mentioned, this 2D game has many heroes from several universes, such as Dragon Ball Z, and the main character of the anime and manga worlds. Therefore, and no matter what’s you main interest, you will find what suits you in the game. Jump Force is a great opportunity to experience the best crossover fighting game on your phone.

Jump force MUGEN lets you enjoy the online experience in two ways: 1v1 or a party of 4v4. Don’t feel like playing online? No problem, the game offers a remarkable NPC experience in all available modes.
When playing the game, you will get the full anime feeling with every attack and combination of movements. Therefore, Jump Force MUGEN is the best for anime lovers. Also, the game is easy to play, all what you have to do is press the right button. Each character has a special super attack that can be selected by pressing the up and left button and then pressing the top button. You can also practice the game in a special training mode.

In addition, the heroes mentioned are basically unlocked. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the ordeal of unlocking your favorite character. You can choose whatever character you want with no restrictions.
In Jump Force MUGEN, the pixelated retro graphics will definitely feel nostalgic. All the millennials out there will bring back some dear childhood memories when playing the game. These old school graphics will get you hooked for hours.

But enough with the graphics, let’s talk about the other important thing: the controls. They’re really intuitive and easy to handle. Also, you have the choice to adjust the controls as needed, such as the position of the joystick. Although the game has something for every anime fan out there, Goku fans will sure have something special for them, as the game features both Goku and Black Goku.

Download Jump Force Mugen For IOS (iPhoen, iPad)

Be sure to have enough space on your phone as the game is 560MB. Also, you should turn on the unknown sources option from the settings. Here’s the download url