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About Gang Beasts Lite Version

So you decided to invite your gamer friends to a party? Well, just like a cake or a board game, you can never go wrong with our game today: Gang Beasts. It’s a weird chaotic hilarious game that depends on the playing style of the players. The crazy physics creates a lot of laughs and fun times.

This is a simple game that gives you two options: local and online play, in addition to various modes, which are Melee, Gangs, Football, and Waves. Personally, I’d prefer the melee and it’a the reason why many gamers love the game. Each level has its own weird obstacles like meat grinders. You’re supposed to avoid these obstacles rather than fight. However, you are able to punch, kick, and headbutt your opponents to knock them off the competition into some obstacle, but of course you yourself can be as easily thrown to train track or off a scaffolding.

The characters are basically boneless, so most matches end as players struggle to keep the character upright. Basically, you can win if you kept your character standing. However, this is considered part of the fun, the game is about the funny chaos rather than skills you need to master.

However, this can get a little cumbersome when playing online especially because the game has no built in voice call. Therefore, it’s going to be hard to control characters with a group of strangers. You can get a voice all app, but the point of a party game is invalidated.

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In the online option, you can invite people, but they need to be on your switch friends list in case you want to on Nintendo Switch. When trying the game, we rarely got two other in the online attempts. However, the connection was good and the latency decent. Nevertheless, we couldn’t judge the football or Gangs modes since we couldn’t gather enough people for them.

We should mention the Switch is the natural environment for local mode. You can change some settings to determine the number of wins needed for a triumph, in addition to the outfit of the color of your character. It seems that the developers hit a jackpot with the mechanics and they don’t intend to shake things up any time soon.

There are plenty of outfits and costumes to choose from, like the Rick and Morty ones and the cute animals like bears, dogs, and cat onesies. They are nice to look at but they don’t really add anything valuable to the game.

So is Gang Beasts a good game? Well, for a Nintendo Switch, it is. However, being a party game is little more complicated. if you don’t like a game that’s weird and jumpy, then maybe it’s not for you. Also, it doesn’t look polished, but maybe it’s part of the appeal. If you have Nintendo Switch then I guess you would enjoy the portable version of the game.

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The game is available for PC And Mobile Phone ( Android, iOS) the apk file support both platforms. You can download it from the button above just click on the version you need and the installation process will start automatically.
It’s also available on Xbox and PS4