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Gacha Star iOS Edition

As mentioned in another review, the Gacha franchise is a special role playing realm. Now, Gacha Star installment adds some new content to the Gacha Club base game. And just like the other mods, you’re supposed to create a virtual character and engage in some mini-games here and there.

You’d think that it’s just a free to play role-playing game. However, the custom content is what’s really special about this game. It has new customization content for your avatar. In addition to new game modes, and the possibility to interact with other characters on a whole level.

You should think of the game as an independent private server of the original social game. Therefore, you can enjoy the core features of the game in addition to the new ones Gacha Star can offer. This will make it a great addition to the collection that have some great titles like Gacha Redux, Gacha Life, and Gacha Club Edition.

Gacha Star On iPad

As it goes on in the other mods, you’ll have the same graphics and gameplay mechanics, which makes the game comfortable for those who played the game before. You’ll have a smooth move from other mods to this one. However, what makes this mod stand out is the new fresh custom content and gameplay offered.

This means that you’ll have some brand new cosmetics for you character. The other mods give a unified theme or cosmetic sets, whereas this one has different styles and forms. The bigger costume collection allows you to make a character that’s more similar to you. The new game modes will also keep you interested for a long time.

Gacha Star On iPhone

One of the most amusing modes is the studio mode which allows you to create some special scenes. You can customize your characters and then put them in these creative places with more than 900 poses to choose from. You are free to change the eyes, hair, body, and other things.

The clothes, however, are a whole different story. You can choose everything from the caps, bottoms, tops, accessories, and much more. You can also choose the background, add some pets maybe. You can even add a narrator for the event, with over 15 scenes to enjoy. With these prebuilt scenes you can make you characters talk to each other.

In addition, there’s a whole collection of minigames to play when you’re bored with the game. You’ll also enjoy some epic fights between the characters.
Now we have to be honest with you, the game is really fun and exciting, but it’s not flawless. The thing is that it’s a passion project from non-professional fans, so there’s some considerable amount of bugs here and there which will affect your experience. For instance, certain interactions will cause the game to crash at once at least freeze. There’s also some case where the visuals won’t load right. Regardless, this mod is a must have for those who are passionate about the game.