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Gacha Club Edition About The Game:

A good sequel to the Gacha life franchise is here. However, this time with a new place which is – as the name implies- a club. However, the game has been a subject of controversy as it has some inappropriate elements. Regardless, Gacha Club is a creative and fun game for the casual among us.

It’s a good idea to take a look at the gameplay before diving in whether Gaca Clun is good or bad. If you’re familiar with the previous installment Gacha Life, then things wouldn’t be too different for you. You can still create characters and customize them. Also, you can create whatever scenes and scenarios you want. In addition, the game features various game modes where you can unleash your creativity. There’s also a group of mini-games you can enjoy.

What makes Gacha Club Edition on iOS different?

Well, basically it’s the RPG element that has been added here. Yes, there’s an RPG element in the battle mode added to the game. You will have a lot of fun with the team you created in turn-based battle session with other teams, but the fun doesn’t just stop there. In the Battle Mode, there four different options available. For a start, there’s the training mode in which you’ll learn the fighting style and the overall gameplay.

There’s also an endless tower mode where you will engage in an endless fight. However, personally I found the story mode is the most enjoyable. This is the main campaign storyline. This mode provides some great adventures, sense of progress and character level up. The last mode is the shadows of Corruption, a mode that you can defeat multiple characters and then customize them. In other words, Gacha Club is an updated version of Gacha life with more features and stuff to do. So what’s good about the game? Well, there’s of course the added RPG aspect. Although the creative features can be great, it can get old and boring after sometime. Therefore, this added element is a desirable adjustment where you get a sense of progression as there will be a storyline. Moreover, you will meet new characters and add them to your collection. This will make the game more fun and exciting.

On the other hand, we all know how toxic the gaming community can be, but parents don’t need to worry about that in this version. Yes,Gacha Life was plagued by harassment. This is not a problem here since there’s no player-to-player interaction. This is why parents don’t need to worry about perverts harassing their kids on the game. Still, some people are talking about the weird videos fans are posting on YouTube, but that’s not really the game’s fault. Also, developers have changed some of the poses to make them less inappropriate. There’s still some bad aspects in the game, those YouTube videos will continue to be an issue that can’t be totally avoided, maybe the RPG element will make it less problematic somehow.

How To Download Gacha Club On iPhone and iPad?

The new mod is available on the following link : make sure to click on the button relative to your phone platform, or the APK will not install correctly. So many users report that the verification not working on some devices, our developers working so hard to fix this probleme, sorry for any inconvenience. Once the download completed you can run this new mod update and enjoy this club edition without any lag or fps drop. Hope you like it