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Cuphead Mobile Game Review:

This watercolor madness will flood you with joy and horror at the same time. Of course, the most obvious thing about Cuphead is the nostalgic 1930’s cartoon theme. Everything feels hand drawn in a matchless tribute to this golden era of cartoon.

The whole game feels like a memorial festival in honor of the famous animator Max Fleischer and his work. The amazing 1930’s style with watercolor and the rear-projection can balance many elements in a way that will never feel confusing even in the most chaotic moments. Many gamers believe that there would never be another game with the same visuals. In short, every scene feels like a master art piece.
At the same time, the sound pairs pretty well with the art. It’s a great combination of Jazz, ragtime, swing, and big band. The game will take you back with its music to the roaring 20’s and magical 30’s. If you roll the credit you’ll find that the list of musicians responsible for this musical festival is almost as long as the whole team in other sectors combined. At every fight you’ll be amused with the accompanying music, all this with a hint of the 80’s design thrown into it.

But don’t let the cute colorful visuals and the lively music fool you into thinking that Cuphead is an easy one. Under the hood is a very difficult game. You think if you chose regular difficulty the game would go easy on you? Well, not very much! For starters, the levels have no checkpoints. That’s right, if you lose, you’re going to have to start over. Also, there are no ways to regain lost health. Not to mention that you could through many levels that takes ages to beat just to be hit in the face with a locked finale that won’t open unless you go through the whole thing on a harder difficulty.

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You could say: how about I ask for back up? You know..another player? This is not going to help much as it will make it even harder for you and your pal to follow events on the screen. Trust me when I say that all the fancy art will go unnoticed after a while because cuphead is a lot to handle and control. You’ll face a robot that’s a skyscraper tall with lasers coming out of it, in addition to a weird frog wearing a boxing glove and many other surprises.

Nevertheless, the game is simple in its premise: three worlds with many levels that you would go through in left-to-right platform manner. The game also offers some easy phases that serve as a break from all the madness and the continuing boss fighting.

The platforming battle is where the game shines the most, the developers went a long way trying to create some weird and interesting situations in the game in which you’ll have to get creative with the limited control you have on your hands.

Download Cuphead: The game is available on PC: And also on Nintendo switch and Xbox. Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad.