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Cult of the Lamb

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About Cult of the Lamb Game:

Cult of the Lamb is centered around a possessed lamb that is tasked with forming a cult to appease the ominous deity who saved the player character's life. The player must launch crusades and venture out into the game's five regions to defeat enemies and grow their following. The world, which is randomly generated, contains resources to gather, perks and weapons to collect, enemies in the form of rival cultists and non-believers to fight, and other animals to rescue; these animals can be indoctrinated into the player's cult. These animals have appearances that can be changed and both positive and negative traits, which can affect how they act in the cult or how they react to the player's actions regarding the cult.
The player can manage their followers at their cult's village. Followers can be assigned tasks at the base such as gathering resources, building structures, worshipping, performing rituals, sending them to assist the player in battle, or sacrificing them, which can affect the player's abilities and the cult itself. The player must ensure their followers' needs are met by performing sermons and rituals to reinforce their faith, cooking food for them to survive, providing them with shelter, and ensuring the village is clean and sanitary. Otherwise, the followers can turn against the player, spread dissent, and eventually leave the cult with other followers; to prevent this, the player can provide for them, give them gifts, reeducate them, or detain them in a pillory until they stop dissenting.