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About Crusader King 3 Android Edition:

we are happy to announce that :
Finally every user now can enjoy this exiting game on any android phone, only by using the pssgames emulator, so many players request an APK edition for the game. And we made it :).
now let's talk about this cool strategy game.

Crusader King 3 is a grand strategy video game set in the medieval times, the huge amount of freedom in the game is a welcome and attractive side for veterans.
Initial release date: September 1, 2020.
Developed by: Paradox Development Studio, Lab42.
Published by: Paradox Interactive.
Platforms the game is available on: Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, macOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Macintosh operating systems.
Genres coverd by the game: Grand strategy wargame, Computer wargame.

The most important features of Crusader King 3 APK:

The game map has more details than that of Crusader Kings II and a bit larger, comprising Europe and Africa roughly as far south as the equator and Asia as far east as Tibet.

When a player character dies or is deposited, other players with him can continue to play the role of that character's heir.

Characters contain full-animated character models and display in 3D rather than 2D images which makes the game come alive.

The new lifestyle system, it's allowed for players to pick an RPG-style skill tree to follow for their current ruler until their death.

The favours system has been expanded in Crusader Kings 3, and players can now plan to find out potentially earth-shaking secrets about your competitors and then turn those secrets into blackmail and important leverage.

How to play Crusader King 3 for the first time?

Being a beginner, I will tell you about the two most important buttons that you must know in order to enjoy and play professionally, After you have chosen your leader, you are now viewing the screen for the first time. The game will start paused - time moves continuously in Crusader Kings 3, but you can enable pause at any time you want by clicking the button on the lower right side of the screen. Time will also stop right when some major decisions are presented to you as well. So there's nothing to worry about - you can tackle every option you have, one at a time, and take your time with each one.

Problems button, one of the most important buttons on the screen, especially when you start, this is the oversized stained glass button at the top of the screen, near the center. It will usually have a number displayed on it that tells you how many problems you should deal with at any one time. Clicking this button will display these items, and you can click on any item in the list to get more information or to go to the relevant screen to deal with it.

The diamond-shaped buttons next to the Problems button are individual pressing problems - these are things that must be dealt with ASAP, or else you will face some kind of punishment. This punishment can be game-ending, so you'll need to make sure she's there right away. Hover over it to learn more about what to do, and left-click to pull up the relevant menu screen.

Of course you will learn more while playing Crusader Kings 3, but if you are good at using the pause button and checking the list of problems frequently, you will be able to manage your kingdom and family professionally.