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About Arrow A Row:

Arrow a Row, this mesmerizing Casual, Free to Play, Indie, and Strategy game crafted by Lonerangerix, unfurls an unending auto-runner escapade. Unleashed on August 20, 2023, decked out with Steam Deck compatibility, it graciously unfolds a solitary player mode, bedecked with somewhat restrained profile features.

Embark on traversing challenges with an automated ballet of running and shooting, seamlessly swaying left or right. Vanquish formidable bosses or embark on a noble quest for towering high scores. Delicately cherry-pick power-ups to tailor bespoke builds, and summon the camaraderie of pets and soaring swords as stalwart allies. Allocate resources judiciously to procure permanent upgrades, amplifying your prowess.

With a bounty of 36 Steam Achievements, Arrow a Row metamorphoses through updates, meticulously refining the gameplay experience. Immerse yourself in this fantastical realm, adroitly overcoming challenges, and securing enduring upgrades.

Arrow A Row can be played on Android and iOS!

Originally on PC, Arrow a Row may extend to mobile (iOS and Android), although official confirmation is pending. While awaiting Lonerangerix's announcement, you can play the game on any Android or iOS device via our cloud server emulator. Skip the Arrow a Row APK download; simply install the emulator apk from this page complete simple verification and enjoy.